Artist, Safari Guide and Tutor


Inspired by a life of travel and exploration Keith’s work has traversed many themes from his childhood in Zaire (DR Congo) and Kenya, to British scenery and wildlife, equestrian art and portraiture. Working closely with many safari companies in his beloved Kenya he has also worked as a tutor and artist in residence in many lodges and national parks across the country and the Central Africa region.

Presently Keith lives with his wife and son in Cambridgeshire and has recently concentrated his time on painting works that reflect his passion for local wildlife and scenery. 

“My work’s just a retrospective illustration of what I may have seen yesterday, weeks or months ago. I just paint what I remember after a walk through a forest or trip out with the family. There’s nothing really complicated about it; if it was worth remembering it might be worth painting….”

Having worked as a photographer and studied Fine Art Printmaking BA (Hons) Keith has a passion for image making and writing about his extensive travels but always returns to his canvases as his primary source of inspiration. 

“I’ve had the good fortune of being sent across continents as a photographer and writer but nothing makes me happier than having a pint in an English pub with artists like Gerald Coulson and his son Lawrence, who are dear friends, teachers and motivators for my oil paintings.”

Keith has exhibited one man shows and collective exhibitions in the USA, UK and Kenya, and he has also worked to commission for many collectors worldwide. His wildlife paintings are particularly sought after. 

“To be honest, I think I’m a landscape painter but animals seem to always creep into the scenery, and they’re very welcome of course. But I always say a good painting should stand up even if you were to cut out the birds and the beasts, so I do spend a lot of time ‘messing around’ on my backgrounds.

I’m colour phobic and religious with my light, so I always thought my paintings would turn out like those of the old Dutch Masters, but somehow I always end up with very clean and crisp images lavished by every colour imaginable.”

Upcoming Events

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