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Keith McAllister, Oil Paintings, Wildlife Art, Wildlife artist, pencil sketch, African Elephant

Forever drawing, painting and photographing adventures. Please keep an eye out for updates of latest works and sketches

Keith McAllister

Keith McAllister, Wildlife art, oil painting, DC3, African adventure, travel art,

Safari Guide and Art Instructor 

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African Wildlife Art

Inspired by many years of living and travelling in Africa.

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Travel Art

Travelling and Adventure is the true inspiration. 

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Current Exhibitions

All Keith McAllister's work is currently represented by an agent. 

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British Wildlife a Scenery

Artwork relating to the British Isles.

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Popular Paintings from Keith McAllister's Portfolio

Keith McAllister art artwork cheetah painting africanwildlife wildlifeart


Keith McAllister, African Wildlife, Wildlife Art, Travel Art, Leopard, Oil Painting, oil on canvas

Keith McAllister paints from a number themes from carefully selected resource materials to offer collectors a breadth of images spanning across many countries, landscapes and features. 

Keith McAllister, Wildlife Art, Wildlife Artist, Cape Buffalo, Kenya

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Commissions welcome. Please view some examples of previous works. 

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Adventure Writing

Articles Published by various Adventure Magazines and editorials.

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